Play Lists

I’m listening to BBC Radio 2. The weather is cold and snowy in England, nobody’s very happy. ImageInterspersed with all the chat is current music, which is fine when I’m taking care of laundry, putting away dishes etc. but if I was doing some serious writing now the house would be silent. I can’t write when music is playing; I start listening to the lyrics, tapping my toes, thinking of other things . . . However recently I was visiting a writing forum and somebody mentioned play lists. Apparently lots of writers will compile a play list that evokes the mood of their current WIP, inspires them, gets them writing. And as I have reached the dreaded sagging part of my current WIP (not the middle exactly, more like the 3/4 point) I am wondering whether a play list might help me on my way. Working title is A Nightingale Sang, so the first song on my list is pretty obvious, but there is a character who is a huge Glenn Miller fan and as the novel is set during WWII there’s a huge range of haunting, romantic, jaunty and beautiful songs from that era I could choose from. So that’s one project for today (in between laundry and a million and one other mundane tasks) – compile a list of favourite WWII songs and have teenage son put them on my MP3 player. . . .





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