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Christmas Shopping

It’s just December 2nd but I’ve reached that point in my Christmas shopping where I’ve almost finished apart from the smaller stocking items, like chocolate covered coins and mini notebooks. My feet were aching by the time we came home from Colorado Mills. Now it’s early evening at the end of a very good weekend – awesome writers for The Wild Rose Press extended advice and suggestions yesterday after I had a frank moan about what a headache I was finding it, starting up a website, being so completely computer illiterate. After the shopping expedition I came home and created this site. I’ll be writing about my writing, but I’m sure lots of other stuff will find its way in too. I’ve spent the past month or so, since I signed the contract, editing An Accidental Kiss. I’ve been working with a really nice editor who has been endlessly patient.

Now I’m working on a novel, which I won’t say too much about here, except that it has a World War 2 setting and is set in a little Suffolk village based on Woodbridge in Suffolk, where I spent my teenage years complaining bitterly about how bored I was.